Float 4 Life

was created to promote infant and toddler water training programs as a first step to become safe in and around water. 

The Float 4 Life Center 
combines a variety of physical and educational 
components of water safety through 1on1
float lessons and                              water safety education.
The center also serves as the National Training Facility for instructors who want to learn water safety and floating techniques. 
Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation  
Funds collected from Float 4 Life & Josh the Otter goes back into the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation to produce more educational materials designed to spread water safety awareness across the nation.

Infant & Toddler 

Float Lessons


Each child begins their journey at Float 4 Life by enrolling in 6 lessons. Our instructors are trained to teach children as young as 6 months old and up. Because every child learns at a different rate our facility believes in skills-learned lessons verse "grade" earned lessons.

"Josh the Otter"

Water Safety & Awareness 

The literacy component of Josh the Otter will be included in the Float 4 Life Program, thus combining the education and prevention aspect of water safety along with the physical teaching of Float 4 Life.


“Josh the Baby Otter” was created to help children comprehend and remember this important message. 



How Can I Help This Mission ?

With the task of expanding our efforts to prevent drowning locally and globally, funding is solely dependent on the support we receive from surrounding companies, organizations, friends and family.

Here are ways to support JCMF in our mission and vision:








By making an investment in JCMF Children’s Charities, you will help us reach even more children with our educational message about water safety. Simply put, you will help save lives. Money collected from the sales of Float 4 Life classes, “Josh the Baby Otter” books, and mascot suits all goes back into producing educational materials designed to spread water safety awareness. With the support of caring individuals like you, Josh is able to spread the message of water safety much further.

Partners In Prevention 


Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation
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Lincoln, NE 68512

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