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"Josh the Otter" Program 

The Josh the Otter Program is as easy as 1, 2, 3




What is water safety?

Have a positive open discussion about Water Safety. This will help children understand why "Josh the Otter" is a important part of water safety.




Read the "Josh the Baby Otter" book 

After the reading you can quickly quiz the children on what they learned from the story.

Meet Josh the Otter

Introduce Josh the Otter to the children.

Josh and the children can dance to the "Learn to Float" song! This is one of the children's favorite parts of the program.

Water Safety Pledge

Read "The Josh the Otter Safety Pledge" out loud. And ask the children to repeat each verse. 

After the pledge is made, celebrate with Hugs & High Fives with Josh the Otter!

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