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The Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation (DBA JCMF Children’s Charities) was founded by Blake and Kathy Collingsworth in 2008 after their personal tragedy of losing their son, Josh, due to accidental drowning. Out of this tragedy has come a worldwide foundation whose sole mission is to educate children and adults about water safety and drowning prevention. The local nonprofit foundation is recognized nationally and internationally for its dedication to water safety and childhood drowning prevention.


In 2008, Josh the Otter Water Safety and Awareness Program was created. The program was designed to teach young children about water safety through the use of Josh the Baby Otter. A book written by Blake Collingsworth, which has been translated into 12 languages. Over 500,000 books have been distributed globally since the foundation began. The program has been presented in classrooms, community centers, zoos, pools, and childcare facilities around the world. With ongoing support, we will continue to incorporate the Josh the Otter Program in every educational curriculum in the United States and beyond.


In 2009, the concept Float 4 Life was developed through the collaboration of the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation and the YMCA of Lincoln, Nebraska. Together they implemented one of the first infant and toddler water-training courses in the city.

Water safety training has expanded into swim schools across the country. To date, over 10,000 infants and toddlers have been taught water training skills. 

In July 2019, JCMF celebrated the Grand Opening of the Float 4 Life National Training Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Float 4 Life Center combines a variety of physical and educational components of water safety through one-on-one float lessons and Josh the Otter water safety education. The center also serves as the National Training Facility for instructors who want to learn water safety and floating techniques. 

Thank you for supporting our goal to expand, support, and promote water safety across the country. 

“Too brief here on earth, but his impact will last forever.”

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