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Each child begins their journey at Float 4 Life by enrolling in 6 lessons. Morning, afternoon, and evening lessons are available to accommodate your schedule. Our instructors are trained to teach children as young as 6 months old and up. Because every child learns at a different rate our facility believes in skills-learned lessons verse "grade" earned lessons.

How can I track my child's progress?

Developmental milestones are behaviors or physical skills seen in infants and children as they grow and develop. Rolling over, crawling, walking, and talking are all considered milestones. Float 4 Life has identified water safety skills that coincide with early childhood development. In each lesson your child is developing safety mechanisms that will assist them if a water emergency were to occur. Our Water Safety Milestone Chart is a tool that will help you understand the necessary skills that your child has and will develop over time.

*Funds collected from the sales of float lessons goes back into the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation to produce more educational materials designed to spread water safety awareness across the nation.

Beginner Training introduces infants and toddlers to the back float position by teaching them the skills needed to lift their face out of the water to capture those rewarding breaths. Instructors will work nonstop for 15 minutes to reinforce this instinctive behavior, while the infant or toddler gains the familiarity of buoyancy on their back.

  • ​6 lessons (15 minutes per lesson)

  • Each lesson is taught 1on1 with only the child and the instructor 

  • Josh the Otter Water Safety Bucket full of merchandise and goodies

Before a child starts lessons we inform each parent that it is normal for the first few lessons to be stressful for the child due to their encounter with a new environment (pool), caregiver (instructor), and skill set. Prep 2 Float gradually introduces water training skills to infants/toddlers and their parents. Our goal is that the infant/toddler becomes familiar with the environment, water, and instruction before enrolling in the "Beginner Training". 

  • 4 lessons (30 minutes per lesson)

  • We ask that either the parent or guardian assist their child in the pool with the instructor for the entire lesson

Continued Training solidifies the introductory positions the child learns during their first six lessons. It is during these lessons that the child will become proficient in his or her recovery float. The child's progress will help determine the number of continued training lessons needed to achieve successful recovery.

  • 6 lessons (15 minutes per lesson)

  • Each lesson is taught 1on1 with only the child and the instructor 

Once the child has mastered and can sustain a recovery float, they can take Refresher Lessons. The instinct and motor skills the child learns in lessons will most likely be lost if they are not exposed periodically to the skills and environment. A Refresher Lesson can be purchased one at a time through the frequency recommended by their instructor (usually once or twice a month) and scheduled at your convenience and the instructors availability.

  • 1 lesson (15 minutes)

  • Each lesson is taught 1on1 with only the child and the instructor 


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