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Water Safety Buckets

Updated: Aug 10, 2019


Prior to the child's first float lesson "Josh the Otter" makes a special delivery to the child's home. The bucket contains Josh the Otter merchandise and a float lesson guide for the parents. Our goal is to get the child excited for float lessons and for the parents to read the book "Josh the Otter" beforehand. The bucket has made a lasting impression with the parents. As they love sending us and posting photos of their child with their bucket on social media. A helpful tip is to include the Water Safety Bucket in the total cost of the Float 4 Life Program.

The Bucket Includes:

  • Josh the Otter Book

  • Josh the Otter T-Shirt

  • Josh the Otter Stickers

  • Josh the Otter Flip & Float

  • Josh the Otter Coloring Book

  • Crayons (Dollar Store)

  • Sand Bucket with Shovel (Dollar Store)

  • A handout that answers frequently asked questions about lessons

Remember to take a photo of the Water Safety Bucket on the child's front porch. Then send the photo and text to the parent whom registered the child for float lessons.

"Josh the Otter" made a special delivery for child's name!

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