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Tips for a successful Open House or Grand Opening

Updated: Jul 14, 2019


1. Set a Budget and Plan

Your plan is going to be based on your expectations for the event and your budget. When developing a plan, it’s important to keep in mind your objective. In essence, an open house is a public relations event. This is your opportunity to put your best foot forward so everything should be well thought out.Your plan should be developed at least two months out with task owners and due dates clearly defined. It’s also a good idea to assign someone as the lead to keep everyone on target. Staff who are detail-focused tend to make the best project managers.

2. Give Them a Reason to Go

This may seem obvious but your customers are busy and their time is precious. If you expect them to give up a portion of their busy work day or free time, you had better give a good reason why.


Food is a HUGE draw and more important than you realize. Consider reaching out to a few local food truck vendors. There is zero cost and zero set-up involved and new business-to-business relationships can be made.*Include your vendors as co-hosts of the event and included them within social media posts.


Family time is invaluable for many of your customers. Providing games, face painting, jump houses, and more will attract families looking to entertain little ones.

3. Pick the Right Time

This one is simple enough. Avoid scheduling your open house around holidays, major sporting events, graduations, inclement weather or any other time that would prevent customers from attending. Fridays often have the best attendance but avoid two-day events. There is not appreciable increase in attendance and it makes your open house feel less successful.

4. The List

Prior to the event create a press release that contains details regarding the event and the purpose behind it. Send the press release to local media companies and businesses within the community.

5. Follow-up

After the event follow-up with a thank you to all of the participating businesses and attendees whether it's through email, phone, or social media.

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