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Float First, Float Early, FLOAT 4 LIFE!

The Float for Life awareness program is the first Infant & Toddler water training program offered in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Your child will: 

1)  Learn to float first

2)  Swim to & grab the side of the pools edge

3)  Move in and out of the water comfortably

4)  Comprehend and remember to stay away from the water unless accompanied by an adult. The literacy component of Josh the Otter will be included with every Float 4 Life Program.

The program includes 6 lessons which, will be taught over the course of 2 - 3 weeks. Each 15 minute one-on-one lesson is instructed by a Float 4 Life Certified Instructor.  We kindly ask that parents refrain from interacting with their child while the lesson is in session.This program is a Skills-Learned program not a "Grade" earned program. The child's personal progress will be taken into account each class. 

  • Float Lesson

    15 min

    Paid Program


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